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Layette to hospital

Layette to hospital

When the due date is coming, it is worth having a bag with the most important things prepared and not to pack it in a hurry when the baby decides it is time to come to this world. What are you not allowed to forget when you organize the layette to hospital?
The baby's healthy sleep

The baby's healthy sleep

A healthy sleep is an indispensable element of a correct baby's development. What can we do to provide our baby with a healthy sleep? There are some rules worth following.
A stressless bath

A stressless bath

A baby's bath should be a constant ritual that is it should take place regularly, at the same time. Some babies love taking a bath. However, there are some who hate it. It is necessary to do our best so as to make the everyday care of the baby the least stressful possible both for the baby and parents. First of all, it is necessary to choose a bath tub which is sturdy. It is also possible to buy a special bath bucket.


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