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    Some children don't like to dress. They get extremely nervous when the time to leave the house is disturbingly prolonged, because Mum or Dad must still prepare them and adjust their clothes to the current weather. Fortunately, there is one practical solution that will save valuable minutes, and at the same time guarantee our children comfort and warmth - rampers.

    Rampers not only for summer

    When completing a layette for a newborn baby or supplementing the missing items in the elder's wardrobe, many parents met with a new term defining a piece of clothing that he did not know until now. This can be the case with the mysterious ramper - what could it be? In a nutshell, we call rampers one-piece clothes for a child (not just a newborn or baby), whose cut resembles something between a romper and a body. It has no built-in foot part, it can have both long and short sleeves, as well as thin straps. This type of clothes for babies is very comfortable and passes especially in the summer, when the familiar puppet does not fulfill its role, because the child is too hot, but at the same time too cold to put on a normal body. Based on this practical cut in LAttante, we have created a unique model that will work in the autumn and winter.

    Warm overalls for children

    Rampers from our collection are nothing but a warm children's suit, made of fluffy fleece that is perfect for spring and autumn walks and exits. Zippered will definitely speed up the process of dressing and undressing when dealing with a small nerve. The hood has practical cuffs, so that in the event of wind or sudden drop in temperature, the hood will more accurately wrap the baby's head. Rampers from our collection have been decorated with beautiful, fluffy fur (in models to choose from natural or artificial fur), which can be fastened and unfastened depending on your needs. Our rampers for children will be a great companion of walks from the first days of life, since they are already from size 56!

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