• Shoes

    Your baby's comfort from the very first moments!

    At LAttante, we are well aware that toddler comfort is a priority for every mother. That is why children's shoes that you will find in our offer are products that have been made with attention to the smallest details. We approach each stage of their creation with the same diligence and care - from the first design, through proper implementation, to the smallest details, such as our logo embossed on each individual pair of shoes.

    Why choose shoes for children from LAttante? Because we make sure that our products are 100% safe and child-friendly. When designing our children's shoes, we carefully select the materials that will eventually be in production. The result of these activities are carefully selected and natural materials, such as leather or raccoon dog fur, which guarantee the highest quality of performance and use. Each pair of our children's shoes is sewn by hand, thanks to which we completely avoid the use of harmful substances that could cause allergies or irritations in children.

    Exclusive shoes for children

    At LAttante, we believe that safety, comfort and beauty are elements that don't have to be mutually exclusive - on the contrary, they can easily exist in harmony. We will make sure that your child is dressed not only comfortably, but also stylishly - in our footwear collection you will find only the most fashionable children's shoe designs. Of course, all models are available in a wide range of colors, ready for your choice. What's more, each pair has been designed in such a unique way that it can be worn by both girls and boys.

    LAttante baby shoes will be a great solution for your toddler, but they will also be great as a unique gift. Each pair is packed in an elegant box that no longer requires any additional decorations to become the perfect gift for a special occasion.

  • Clothing

    Luxurious children's clothes for every occasion

    All parents know perfectly well that the toddler's wardrobe must be prepared for changing weather and any eventuality. Children usually lead a very active lifestyle, full of fun and surprises, so we have to expect different situations. Be sure to choose for our toddlers luxurious children's clothes that have been manufactured with attention to the smallest details. Our children deserve the best products - that's why at LAttante we only choose high quality materials and take care of stylish clothing designs.

    What luxury children's clothes do we have in our offer? At LAttante, we are prepared for any eventuality, which is why you will find autumn and winter items, such as extremely warm jackets and overalls, fluffy vests or warming sweaters. In contrast, for slightly warmer weather for the smallest we have prepared comfortable tracksuits and dungarees, elastic leggings and pants, as well as cute capes. Our range is constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of our customers, which is why we are sure that our collection of luxurious children's clothes will only grow.

    High-quality and luxurious children's clothes

    The highest quality cotton, natural leather, real raccoon fur or hand-woven Italian and Spanish yarns - this is what makes our luxurious children's clothes worth attention. The timeless design, carefully selected materials as well as manual and precise workmanship make our products present the best quality on the market. What's more, we are well aware that functionality and comfort are not the only important features of luxury children's clothes - their beauty is also very important. That is why we try to ensure that every article we offer in the LAttante store is created with passion and a high sense of aesthetics.

  • Caps and accessories

    Caps and accessories

    When the longed-for baby appears in the world, time comes for joint activities and activities performed for the first time in a duet. For each we have the first walk and the opportunity to leave the house in a new role is a real experience. Concerned not only about herself and her partner, she now has first and foremost the good of the youngest family member in mind. For this first stroll, as well as each subsequent exit, the mother must properly prepare her baby. Aura in Poland is often unpredictable, but an appropriately selected outfit and practical accessories will help protect our children from the cold. For the sake of the youngest consumers, at LAttante we made sure that our assortment did not lack basic elements of newborn and children's wardrobe such as hats, gloves and practical chimneys.

    A touch of luxury for the youngest and smallest

    When designing footwear, clothes and accessories, at LAttante we focus not only on comfort and functionality, but also on unique design. Our prestigious children's accessories are made of natural and durable materials, so they ensure optimal protection against cold and wind. Each model intended for the autumn-winter period has been additionally insulated. In addition to the thick, outer material, it has been supplemented with a special fleece inner layer, which provides additional protection for the child from the cold. Thanks to this, no mom and dad during joint walks will no longer worry about the optimal thermal comfort of the toddler, and will focus only on having fun together. Top-class materials, high quality of offered products and their indisputable functionality are not the only advantages of our children's accessories. When designing practical accessories for the youngest users, we also made sure that all products were connected by a coherent design, giving all parents the opportunity to create unique sets that will allow the child to stand out from the crowd of peers.

    Accessories and add-ons that grow with your child

    Children's accessories signed with the LAttante logo, such as hats and chimneys, were created in one universal size, which is why the problem of choosing the right model for specific dimensions has ceased to matter. It is not surprising, therefore, that the same product can be worn by both infants and several-year-old children, and the favorite addition in the form of a warm hat with a large pompom or a practical chimney that protects against cold, can grow with your toddler and accompany him for several seasons.

    Children's accessories for any weather!

    Each mother eagerly awaits the moment when she will be able to take her baby for the first walk and start to discover more curiosities of the universe. Both for this first stroll, and for each subsequent exit, we must properly prepare our baby. It is true that Polish weather can be unpredictable, but properly selected children's accessories will help protect our children from the cold even during adverse conditions. What baby accessories are included in the LAttante offer? We made sure that our assortment did not lack such basic elements of clothing as hats, gloves and chimneys.

    Luxury accessories for children

    Our prestigious baby accessories are made only from natural and durable materials, so we can provide the toddler with adequate protection against cold and wind. Each model, which is designed for the winter and autumn, has been specially insulated and, in addition to the thick outer material, also has a fleece inner layer that provides additional protection for the child. Thanks to this, during joint walks you will not have to worry about the comfort of your toddler, and you will focus only on great fun together.

    High functionality and quality are of course not the only advantages of our children's accessories. We have also made sure that all products are designed in the same style, so that each mother can create her own unique set that will make the child stand out among his peers. LAttante baby accessories, such as hats and chimneys, were created in one universal size, thanks to which we were able to eliminate the problem of choosing the right model. This means that the same product can be worn by both babies and children, and the favorite accessory can grow with your toddler and accompany him at every step.

  • Accessories

    Luxurious children's accessories

    It may seem that the list of products that must be included in every layette for a child is endless. Indeed, new parents need a whole range of useful articles. That is why in LAttante we decided to meet the expectations of mothers and daddies and include in the category below all the necessary baby accessories that should be found in every home where a small child has just appeared.

    What elements should we take care of at the beginning? It can not be hidden that in the first months of his life our child will spend a lot of time in the cot, cradle, pram and on our hands. Therefore, our priority should be the comfort of our toddler - we must make sure that our child is always in comfortable conditions and is surrounded by natural materials that do not irritate his delicate skin. Let's check carefully to make sure that all blankets, swaddles and towels are made only from natural materials.

    Children's accessories of the highest quality

    Why is it worth buying child accessories in the LAttante store? Because all our products are designed based on our own parenting experience. Thanks to this, we know perfectly well what articles will be useful to every mom and dad, and what properties they should have. During the process of creating our children's accessories, we pay special attention to the high quality of the materials used and their natural origin. We only use fabrics that are safe for children. An inherent aspect of all LAttante children's accessories is their unique charm - we want all the products that surround our toddler to be created with a sense of beauty and aesthetics.

  • Sleeping bags

    High-quality sleeping bags for children

    We know very well that some mothers are faithful fans of blankets, quilts and bedspreads, but properly made sleeping bags for children can be a very useful element and make it easier for our toddler to rest at night. However, we must remember that the baby's sleeping bag will have very close contact with its delicate skin. That is why at LAttante we make sure that our products are made only from friendly and natural materials that do not cause any irritation or allergies to your toddler. Appropriate design and high-quality fabrics are the basic elements of every sleeping bag model available in the LAttante online store.

    Children's sleeping bags for a walk

    Sleeping bags for children can of course help our toddler to fall asleep every night, but let's not forget that there are also special versions for going outside - they are also in our assortment. We took care to take into account the universal size of our children's sleeping bags, so you can easily adapt them to any type of baby carrier, car seat or pram. It can not be hidden that during walks with our child we will meet with different weather conditions - we remember this fact well and we only choose extremely resistant materials for the production of our articles. Thanks to the extremely durable fabric, the baby sleeping bag is resistant to snow, rain and dirt. In addition, it also perfectly protects our toddler from cold winds.

    In addition to the high functionality of our sleeping bags for children, we naturally took care of their aesthetic side. A simple and universal design will suit every toddler, and the natural raccoon dog fur will make LAttante children's accessories, which also use this material, perfectly complement the entire stylization of our child.

  • Bed-linen

    Stylish children's bedding for your toddler

    As parents, we will quickly notice that during the first months of their lives, our babies spend the vast majority of their time in their cots. It is natural, therefore, that we must ensure that they have the best possible conditions for rest and restorative sleep. That is why, in the assortment of our online store, there is also stylish children's bedding, which was made of the highest quality materials.

    The bedding set under which we put our toddler should, of course, be anti-allergic and prevent the formation of mites. It is also worth choosing air-permeable and all-season products that will ensure that our kids will not overheat in the summer and will be warm enough in the winter. These are the characteristics of every children's bedding available in the LAttante assortment. We know that the toddler's skin is very delicate, so there should be no contact with it that may irritate or cause allergy. Remembering this extremely important fact, we chose high-quality cotton for our baby bedding, which is completely safe for the baby's skin.

    Minimalist design of children's bedding

    At LAttante, we adhere to the principle that even everyday items should be beautiful - after all, we surround ourselves with them most of the day. In the spirit of this thought, we made sure that children's bedding available in our online store was not only safe for the health of the toddler, but also extremely stylish. That is why, when designing our products, we decided to use timeless color combinations that make children's bedding an elegant fragment of our children's bedroom decor. The minimalist and charming design means that bedding can be easily matched with other elements that are in the baby's cot, such as a sheet, blanket or bedspread.

  • Furniture and swings

    High-quality children's furniture

    As parents, we often don't realize that the proper design and equipment of a children's room is a real challenge. Of course, we must take care of the needs and comfort of our toddler, but it is also worth keeping in mind your own convenience. We must not forget that we will also spend quite a lot of time in this room - putting our toddler to sleep, reading his bedtime books, as well as scrolling or feeding him. It is therefore necessary to find children's furniture that will not only fulfill their basic tasks, but also will be a beautiful element of the decor. In LAttante products we combine these two aspects - high functionality and above-average aesthetics. To make our children's furniture, we have selected only the best materials on the market, which means that the final effect will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

    Adorable TeePee tents for children

    Children's furniture, however, is not everything that should be in our toddler's room - we can not forget about fun. Our children, from their very first moments, are fascinated by the world around them, and our task, as parents, is to offer them every possible help in discovering it. One of the best accessories for this purpose are TeePee tents for children who can arouse and keep curiosity of every toddler. Made of natural materials, they will provide a safe environment for your child and give him a great opportunity to play. The light and simple design means that the TeePee tent for children can accompany you and your child even when traveling - you can easily take it on vacation or set it up for a few hours in the garden. We have made sure that, in addition to its high functionality, our products are also beautiful. Thanks to the careful selection of colors and materials used to make it, the TeePee tent for children will become a unique decoration of every toddler's room.

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