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Showing 1 - 12 of 34 items

Your baby's comfort from the very first moments!

At LAttante, we are well aware that toddler comfort is a priority for every mother. That is why children's shoes that you will find in our offer are products that have been made with attention to the smallest details. We approach each stage of their creation with the same diligence and care - from the first design, through proper implementation, to the smallest details, such as our logo embossed on each individual pair of shoes.

Why choose shoes for children from LAttante? Because we make sure that our products are 100% safe and child-friendly. When designing our children's shoes, we carefully select the materials that will eventually be in production. The result of these activities are carefully selected and natural materials, such as leather or raccoon dog fur, which guarantee the highest quality of performance and use. Each pair of our children's shoes is sewn by hand, thanks to which we completely avoid the use of harmful substances that could cause allergies or irritations in children.

Exclusive shoes for children

At LAttante, we believe that safety, comfort and beauty are elements that don't have to be mutually exclusive - on the contrary, they can easily exist in harmony. We will make sure that your child is dressed not only comfortably, but also stylishly - in our footwear collection you will find only the most fashionable children's shoe designs. Of course, all models are available in a wide range of colors, ready for your choice. What's more, each pair has been designed in such a unique way that it can be worn by both girls and boys.

LAttante baby shoes will be a great solution for your toddler, but they will also be great as a unique gift. Each pair is packed in an elegant box that no longer requires any additional decorations to become the perfect gift for a special occasion.

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