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    Hand-woven children's sweaters

    I think all mothers admit that children's sweaters are one of the most-needed clothes that should be in every toddler's wardrobe. This warm and pleasant to the touch article of clothing will be useful during every walk or trip, and during warmer days it can successfully replace even a jacket. It is for these reasons that we decided to include a wide selection of prestigious children's sweaters also in the LAtantte collection. As always, we took care of the best materials and precise workmanship of every detail, thanks to which the final product will look special on every child.

    Luxury sweaters for children

    Our children's sweaters are made of the best materials on the market, which have been carefully selected by the LAttante team. That is why, in the collection of these articles, high-quality Spanish yarn dominates, as well as delicate and pleasant to the touch wool, also from this sunny country. Both fabrics provide warmth, comfort and also look very aesthetically pleasing. We attach special importance to appropriate production methods, which is why all the children's sweaters we offer in our store are made in the LAttante workshop and are made by hand and precise weaving. Each copy of children's sweaters that can be found in our assortment has been refined in the smallest details - from the precise weave of the fabric to all additional elements, such as fluffy collars made of natural or artificial fur or cute patches with the company logo. Of course, our offer includes various color versions of sweaters for children, so that every toddler will be able to easily choose their beloved model that will accompany him in everyday fun. Children's sweaters from LAttante are always packed in beautiful boxes with the logo of our company, which makes them a wonderful gift for baby shower or this year's toddler's birthday.

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    When the warm summer months remain only in the sphere of memories, be prepared for the arrival of the colder seasons. Light and airy sandals are replaced with boots and boots, airy dresses with thicker sweaters, and loose and thin outerwear are put into boxes for down jackets and woolen coats. The exchange of summer clothes for winter applies not only to the wardrobe of adults, but also to children, where in addition to properly selected footwear there can be enough warm jackets and coats.

    An indispensable element in every toddler's wardrobe - a coat

    For all parents, the good of the beloved child is the supreme value. They take care of them in many ways - from preparing meals, through organizing free time to the appropriate equipment of children's wardrobe. It's no secret that most kids love all kinds of games, and even low temperature or cloudy weather are no obstacle for them to spend time outside. If you do not want your child's pleasure to be taken away due to bad weather or low temperature, buy him a practical and functional coat that will take care of the appropriate thermal comfort of your child during any outdoor activity. Children's coats are the perfect solution for all caring parents whose vision of a cold spends their nights awake. Regardless of whether you are a parent of a boy or girl, there should be at least one children's coat in your toddler's wardrobe.

    Children's jackets from LAttante - original, fashionable and comfortable

    Children's jackets from LAttante are original and extremely practical covers that every toddler cannot miss. The silicone filling makes each coat extremely warm and ensures optimal thermal comfort for our children, even when the weather outside leaves much to be desired. Models made of wind, snow or dirt resistant fabric will work in all conditions and in every situation. Such material is invaluable for extremely busy and curious kids. All stains and other unsightly dirt resulting from intense play can be easily removed, making children's coats easy to clean. LAttante children's coat models are practical, warm and, above all, functional covers that can successfully replace popular jackets. They are extremely comfortable and do not restrict movement, even during intense games. Their simple fashion and limited amount of details make them suitable for many different occasions - for kindergarten and school, important celebrations, family parties and less obliging meetings with friends. Universal colors will match the tastes of both girls and boys, and the pleasant fur on the hood can be detached and re-fastened depending on the mood and needs. All you have to do is select the right accessories for your chosen children's coat in the form of a warm hat, scarf and gloves in your child's favorite color, and a smile on his face is guaranteed!

    An original birthday gift that always comes in handy

    If you are looking for an interesting and original gift for a child that will last longer than a toy, choose a warm coat from LAttante! Packed in a beautiful and stylish box, it will be a perfect gift for your birthday or going to kindergarten. Such a gift will certainly please many a parent who appreciates practical and functional solutions.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 287 items

Luxurious children's clothes for every occasion

All parents know perfectly well that the toddler's wardrobe must be prepared for changing weather and any eventuality. Children usually lead a very active lifestyle, full of fun and surprises, so we have to expect different situations. Be sure to choose for our toddlers luxurious children's clothes that have been manufactured with attention to the smallest details. Our children deserve the best products - that's why at LAttante we only choose high quality materials and take care of stylish clothing designs.

What luxury children's clothes do we have in our offer? At LAttante, we are prepared for any eventuality, which is why you will find autumn and winter items, such as extremely warm jackets and overalls, fluffy vests or warming sweaters. In contrast, for slightly warmer weather for the smallest we have prepared comfortable tracksuits and dungarees, elastic leggings and pants, as well as cute capes. Our range is constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of our customers, which is why we are sure that our collection of luxurious children's clothes will only grow.

High-quality and luxurious children's clothes

The highest quality cotton, natural leather, real raccoon fur or hand-woven Italian and Spanish yarns - this is what makes our luxurious children's clothes worth attention. The timeless design, carefully selected materials as well as manual and precise workmanship make our products present the best quality on the market. What's more, we are well aware that functionality and comfort are not the only important features of luxury children's clothes - their beauty is also very important. That is why we try to ensure that every article we offer in the LAttante store is created with passion and a high sense of aesthetics.

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