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Showing 1 - 12 of 72 items

She is the heroine of many myths that still remain alive not only in Poland, but also many
other countries of the world. For our grandmothers and grandparents, an inseparable element of a baby
layette, which you can not give up even in closed and warm rooms.
Cap - an irreplaceable element of large and small wardrobe (not only children), without which no
it is possible to survive the cool and bitter wind in the transitional period as well
stinging the ears with frost during the winter. One is definitely not enough, especially in
children case. Just a moment of inattention in kindergarten or school, entertaining fun
in the open air, a moment of stare and the practical cap "gets lost by itself". When
the temperature drops below 16 degrees Celsius, not wanting to catch the infection is better not to go out
without her outside.

A must-have and practical accessory for every child

A practical hat that protects against excessive heat loss is a must
wardrobes for all children not only in the winter. Early spring and autumn when cool
evenings and mornings take their toll on even adults, wanting to protect themselves from
colds and tiring infections that can be felt especially during the period
preschool and school, we should provide our children with appropriate covers
head. Fashionable cotton hats will work in the spring and autumn, a
models made of wool (including alpaca wool) and Spanish yarn will be perfect
in winter conditions. Decorated with a leather label with an elegant company logo, charming
pompoms made of natural or artificial fur or fancy fringes will definitely hit
to the tastes of even the most demanding children. Made with attention to the smallest details,
will serve every toddler for a long time and will be a perfect complement to many children
styling for cooler days.

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